We pride ourselves on both the sales and after sales service we provide for our customers throughout the country. For scooters sold in the greater Auckland area we prefer to deliver and personalise each scooter for the new owner. In this way we can ensure that the scooter is ergonomically set up for the most stable and comfortable driving position. Generally, this requires a small amount of adjustment such as setting the rear vision mirrors, and the seat and steering tiller positions. For those outside the greater Auckland area we can offer the same service but with a charge to cover fuel and vehicle costs in lieu of delivery charges from a freight company.


Your Biswift scooter has been manufactured to very high international specifications and, if treated with respect, will require very little servicing during its lifespan. You should always try and keep it clean and maintain charged batteries.

It is ideal to spray it steel components with a water repellant such as WD40 or CRC to prevent corrosion.

In Auckland, Lifestyle Mobility Ltd will personally service your Biswift scooter should you have any problems with it. We carry a full range of spare parts for our scooters including batteries, tyres, controllers, motors, PC Boards etc.

Outside of Auckland we recommend that you advise us first and then take your scooter to your local auto electrician and have him contact us for any necessary spare parts. Where a fault occurs during the Warranty period, we will instruct the repairer on its repair and then have him send the invoice to us. This can only happen if we are informed prior to the repair being done.


Lifestyle Mobility scooters are covered by the 24-month manufacturer’s warranty with the following conditions and exclusions: –

  1. Failure of any part due to defective manufacturing that occurs within the first twelve months from the time of purchase will be replaced free of charge, inclusive of labour. The faulty part is to be returned to Lifestyle Mobility.
  2. Failure of any part due to defective manufacture that occurs between twelve and twenty-four months will be replaced free of charge, exclusive of labour. The faulty part must be returned to Lifestyle Mobility prior to replacement.
  3. This warranty does not cover failure due to normal wear and tear nor for failure of the scooter being used outside the scope defined in the Instruction Manual.
  4. Batteries, tyres and bodywork (including paint) are excluded from the warranty as the scooter usage is outside of the supplier’s control. Lifestyle Mobility will replace, free of charge, any battery that fails within the first twelve months provided that it has not been allowed to run flat totally or been overcharged. Any battery that fails within this period will be independently tested as to the reason for its failure. Should the independent tester conclude (in writing) that the battery has been mis-handled then the replacement warranty does not apply. Their decision in this matter is final.
  5. No other warranties are implied or given.
  6. Exclusions:
    1. Scooters used for commercial purposes or hired out for financial return or free of charge will be excluded from this warranty but will be covered for parts failure, as above, for a period of six (6) months.
    2. The scooter warranty is not transferable in the circumstances where it is sold or gifted to another party during the warranty period. In this case the warranty is void.

Short Term Hire

Lifestyle Mobility has a limited supply of scooters available for short term hire.  Minimum hire period is 3 days and will be delivered and collected from your location in Auckland. Hire outside Auckland is by negotiation and would depend on location, length of hire plus any other factors.

This service has proven popular for over-seas visitors as well as those recuperating from injury or surgery. 

Contact us to discuss this further.

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