Depending on which scooter is selected a fully charged scooter will travel 20 kms and 50 kms.

The larger scooters have more powerful batteries and will travel 50 kms whereas some smaller scooters will travel approximately 20 kms on a charge.

Other considerations are the terrain covered (hilly or flat), the weight being carried and the age and condition of the batteries.

No, except in crossing from one side to the other.

Scooters are designed to be used as an aid to walking and should follow the same observances as pedestrians.

Depending on the model, scooters will travel at up to 16 kph.

The hand throttle and speed control knob provide unlimited speed variation from zero to 16kph. This, combined with the full and half speed switch, gives full control for the novice or experienced driver.

Like with motor vehicle batteries, how the batteries are treated will impact on the expected life of a battery.  Generally, around 5 years is considered to be a good battery life.

The batteries used are different to motor vehicle batteries which need to provide significant power up-front to start the vehicle.

Scooter batteries are sealed, gel batteries designed to provide continuous power over a period, and they respond well to regular charging and discharging.

Yes to both. We carry a full range of parts and have an active supply chain for replenishment.

We offer service options whether it be for ʽbreak-down’, ʽservice on request’ or ʽscheduled maintenance’. The latter being considered a wise choice for improved safety and longevity of wear & tear items.

Additionally, we can offer membership to the AA “Get Home Safely” roadside assistance programme.

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